5 Useful Apps for Small Businesses

As a small business as well, we get it. The sheer number of apps available for small businesses available is totally overwhelming, and it can be time and/or resource consuming to test functionality for your business. We’ve saved you a little time (and hopefully, a little frustration) and we’d like to share our list of tried and tested apps!

And no, this isn’t #SPON. Just a small business sharing our experience and knowledge.

What We Like Proud to support a fellow Canadian business. It makes estimates, invoicing, payment reminders, payment receipts, payroll, and general finance management a fully automated task or at most a 5 minute task. Can connect with your bank accounts. Tax season is less stressful with a downloadable Chart of Accounts. 

What We Don’t Like Very little to list in the “Cons” column. For those with OCD tendencies, the inability to directly edit ALL transaction types categories can be a little frustrating. 

Price Invoicing, accounting, and receipts are free, which constitutes a huge chunk of the use of this app. Credit Card Payment processing and payroll are a pay per use and monthly payment feature.

What We Like Straight forward user experience. Love being able to set projects and tags. Reports are easy to create and view. Especially useful in seeing how much time was spent on a project. Very convenient to have the app work across multiple devices, especially if you are on the go! Team tracking is especially useful for small teams.

What We Don’t Like Waiting for an integration with Wave Accounting that doesn’t need to go through another app like Zapier. 

Price Free for basic (includes 5 team members), Starter costs 9$ per user/month.

What We Like Just YES. Integrates with Google Calendar. Can set how many meetings it can set in a day. Ensures that it doesn’t conflict with anything else in your schedule. Can be embedded on a website and sent as a link. Saved us a bunch of back and forth emails to coordinate date/time availability.

What We Don’t Like Only one active event for the Basic plan.

Price Free for basic, Premium is $8/user/month, Pro is $12/user/month

What We Like Easy drag-and-drop user interface for a quick graphic. Requires very little technical and creative knowledge to create a good looking graphic. Lots of ideas and templates. 

What We Don’t Like What we don’t like is directly related to what we like. Because Canva is made to be easy, you lose the ability to finetune. For anyone that isn’t a graphic designer, this app is a godsend. Otherwise, if you know your way around Adobe products…

Price Canva Free is free, Canva Pro is $9.95/month

What We Like Easy drag-and-drop user interface. For those who keep lists in their head and get stressed out, this app is extremely useful for a brain dump!

What We Don’t Like To delete an item, you have to go through the extra step of archiving it first. (UGH)

Price Free plan is free, Business Class is $9.99/user/month, Enterprise plan pricing is scaled based on user numbers.

Have other apps that you enjoy and find valuable? Let us know on social media!