How to Avoid Social Media Burnout

Whether you’re scrolling or double tapping as a professional or for fun, social media can be consuming and overwhelming. It’s completely normal to feel this way. What was once fun and enjoyable easily becomes a chore when you feel like you have to post. Here’s a few of our tips on how to avoid social media burnout.

Quality over quantity. Whether it’s better photos or better copy, spend more time on improving the elements of a post rather than the number of posts per day. Try a different way to gather content, mix it up. Who knows, you may find that you enjoy setting the stage for an epic flatlay! 

Limit your exposure. Some may have to spend time on social media as part of their job. We recommend setting a daily limit on how many minutes or hours, as well as writing out a specific task list before opening an app. Once your task list for the day is complete, switch off.  

Ask for help when you need it. This is one is pretty self-explanatory. Social media management is always better as a team effort. Don’t be afraid to ask from help from co-workers, friends and even similar accounts. Think takeovers or collaborations, that’s how the pros keep content fresh.

Take a break. Don’t worry, the internet will still be there when you come back. Missing a post time isn’t the end of the world. Your health is important and balance IRL is key.

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